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Chazz Palminteri to Co-Produce, Write and Possibly Co-star in 'Wall Street Mafia' After Concluding A BRONX TALE

It is being reported that Chazz Palminteri will costar in his upcoming film "Wall Street Mafia" following the conclusion of his one-man show, A BRONX TALE, on October 18 at the Venetian Showroom in Las Vegas.

"Wall Street Mafia," is inspired by the true story of the FBI's investigation into the Mafia's relationship with Wall Street and the financial world during the mid-1990s.  It centers on a young executive who leaves Brooklyn for a career at a supposedly reputable Wall Street brokerage house and then finds himself caught between the mafia and the FBI.  The independent film is being written and produced by Palminteri for Fiore Films. 

Palminteri is hoping to co-star in the film, as well, if scheduling logistics can be worked out.  

Chazz Palminteri has over 50 movies to his credit including "The Usual Suspects," "Bullets over Broadway," "Analyze This," "Hurly Burly," "Mulholland Falls" and "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints." He has also directed the HBO series Oz (episode, "Unnatural Disasters"), Showtime's "Women vs. Men," and the feature film "Noel," starring Susan Sarandon, Penelope Cruz, Robin Williams and Paul Walker. He was also seen on the New York stage in the play THE RESISTABLE RISE OF ARTURO UI with Al Pacino, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, and Billy Crudup.


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